Aleksandr Antonov (actor)

Aleksandr Pavlovich Antonov (; 13 February 1898, in Moscow – 26 November 1962) was a Soviet film actor who had a lengthy career, stretching from the silent era to the 1950s. Antonov was named Merited Artist of the Russian Federation in 1950.

Antonov was a member of the Moscow Proletarian Culture Theater between the years 1920–1924 when he met Sergei Eisenshtein, who cast him in his directorial debut short film Glumov's Diary (1923) and in his first full-length feature ''Strike'' (1924). Eisenshtein then gave Antonov the part of Bolshevik leader Grigory Vakulinchuk in ''The Battleship Potemkin'' (1925), which remains his best known role.

Antonov continued his career into both the late silent and the sound period where he usually played episodic character actor roles of either proletarians or sailors. He worked with leading directors, including Ivan Pyryev on ''A Rich Bride (1938), Vsevolod Pudovkin on ''Suvorov'' (1941), Mikhail Romm on ''Secret Mission'' (1950), and Yuli Raizman on ''Dream of a Cossack'''' (1950). Provided by Wikipedia
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