Spokane -- Crosswalk

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37413312561212 Restricted Northwest Room Vertical file NW VERTICAL
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LEADER 00000npc a22000003a 4500
001 395363
005 20100721133600.0
008 | wau eng d
092 0 |a NW VERTICAL 
245 0 0 |a Spokane -- Crosswalk  |h [vertical file]. 
500 |a Contains miscellaneous clippings, pamphlets or other collected information about the Crosswalk program for street kids. 
506 |a Access restricted. For use in Northwest Room only. 
650 0 |a Homeless children  |z Washington (State)  |z Spokane. 
610 2 0 |a Volunteers of America of Spokane. 
998 |a 2010.07.17 
999 f f |i 310ea7ed-d448-5b8d-82ab-f63ede984e19  |s 63d57486-b090-527d-86a8-48b3f4be4aed  |t 0 
952 f f |p No Circulation  |a City of Spokane  |b Spokane Public Library  |c Branches  |d Inland Northwest Special Collections  |t 0  |e NW VERTICAL  |h Other scheme  |i Northwest Room Vertical file  |j None  |m 37413312561212