Natural & curly hair

by Johnny Wright celebrity hair stylist ; foreword by Tamron Hall host and executive producer and host Tamron Hall Show
Book - 2023

A celebrity hairstylist, who maintains the hair health of his most notable clients--Queen Latifah, Tamron Hall, Kerry Washington and Michelle Obama--presents the right tricks, tips and advice for getting a halo of soft, healthy curls without using chemicals. Centers natural and curly hair within the African diaspora.

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Main Author: Wright, Johnny (Hair stylist) (Author)
Other Authors: Hall, Tamron (writer of foreword.)
Format: Book
Published: Hoboken, NJ : for dummies, A Wiley Brand, [2023]
Series:--For dummies.


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100 1 |a Wright, Johnny  |c (Hair stylist),  |e author. 
245 1 0 |a Natural & curly hair /  |c by Johnny Wright, celebrity hair stylist ; foreword by Tamron Hall, host and executive producer and host, Tamron Hall Show. 
246 3 |a Natural and curly hair 
246 3 |a Natural & curly hair for dummies 
246 3 |a Natural and curly hair for dummies 
264 1 |a Hoboken, NJ :  |b for dummies, A Wiley Brand,  |c [2023] 
264 4 |c Ã2023 
300 |a xv, 279 pages :  |b color illustrations ;  |c 24 cm. 
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490 1 |a For dummies 
520 |a A celebrity hairstylist, who maintains the hair health of his most notable clients--Queen Latifah, Tamron Hall, Kerry Washington and Michelle Obama--presents the right tricks, tips and advice for getting a halo of soft, healthy curls without using chemicals. Centers natural and curly hair within the African diaspora. 
500 |a Includes index. 
505 0 |a Introduction -- Embracing your natural and curly hair -- Maintaining your natural and curly hair -- The best products and tools for natural and curly hair -- Creating styles for your natural and curly hair -- Consideration for kids -- The part of tens. 
505 0 0 |a Machine generated contents note:  |g pt. 1  |t EMBRACING YOUR NATURAL AND CURLY HAIR --  |g ch. 1  |t Natural Is Beautiful --  |t Smashing the Stigma Surrounding Natural Hair --  |t Laying the naysayers to rest --  |t Embracing today's changing attitudes --  |t Understanding Your Own Natural Hair History --  |t Getting Comfortable with Your Natural Hair --  |t Learning the vocabulary --  |t Characterizing hair types --  |t Putting some thought into your style --  |t Keeping your hair in tip-top shape --  |t Considering the best tools and products --  |t Styling your crown and glory --  |t Reshaping the Natural Hair Narrative --  |g ch. 2  |t The Biology of Hair --  |t Getting Down to the Root of the Matter: Hair Structure --  |t Just talking about the hair shaft --  |t Getting to the hair root --  |t Checking Out What's on Your Head --  |t Examining your scalp --  |t Determining your hair's porosity --  |t Determining your hair's elasticity --  |t Identifying hair breakage versus shedding --  |t Grasping and Maximizing Growth Cycles --  |t Anagen --  |t Catagen --  |t Telogen --  |g ch. 3  |t Getting to Know Your Hair --  |t Defining Your Hair Texture and Type --  |t Feeling out your texture --  |t Finding your type --  |t Getting Clear on Density --  |t Making the Decision to Go Natural --  |t Transitioning to natural hair --  |t Choosing to do the big chop --  |t Navigating the in-between stage --  |g pt. 2  |t MAINTAINING YOUR NATURAL AND CURLY HAIR --  |g ch. 4  |t Fresh and Clean: Wash Day --  |t Setting Your Wash-Day Schedule --  |t Ow! Detangling Your Hair --  |t Taking Special Care of Your Scalp --  |t `Pooing Like a Pro --  |t Figuring out how often to shampoo --  |t The ins and outs of shampooing twice --  |t Conditioning Your Curls, Kinks, and Coils --  |t Rinse-out conditioner --  |t Leave-in conditioner --  |t Co-Washing --  |t Handy Tools: Using Your Fingers --  |t Scrunching --  |t Praying hands --  |t Raking --  |t Shingling --  |t Adding Moisture: Hair Treatments --  |t Hot oil treatments --  |t Steam treatments --  |t Protein treatments --  |t Drying Methods --  |t Goodbye, cotton -- hello, microfiber! --  |t Give yourself the shirt off your back --  |t Using the natural air to dry your natural hair --  |t Hairdryers do it faster --  |g ch. 5  |t Your Daily Root-ine --  |t Managing Your Expectations --  |t Selecting Products for Daily Use --  |t Establishing Your Hair Routines --  |t Nighttime routine --  |t Morning routine --  |t Styling on the Daily --  |t Playing around with twists --  |t Giving your hair a break from styling --  |g ch. 6  |t Keeping Your Hair Healthy --  |t Keeping Your Curls Moisturized --  |t Acknowledging Your Environment: Air Pollution, Humidity, and More --  |t Pollution protection --  |t Hampering humidity --  |t Coping with seasonal change --  |t Preserving Your Beautiful Curls --  |t Trimming your hair --  |t Employing low-manipulation techniques --  |t Using heat (or not) --  |t Caring for your color-treated hair --  |t Selecting your nighttime accessories --  |t Consulting with a Professional --  |t Reasons to bring in a pro --  |t Finding the right professional for you --  |t Good questions to ask during a consultation --  |g pt. 3  |t THE BEST PRODUCTS AND TOOLS FOR NATURAL AND CURLY HAIR --  |g ch. 7  |t Picking the Perfect Products --  |t Focusing on the Holy Grail of Hair Care --  |t Mastering your hair's water level: Hydrating and moisturizing --  |t Checking in on your hair's hydration situation --  |t Exploring the Basics of Vital Hair Care Ingredients --  |t Humectants --  |t Emollients --  |t Occlusives (a.k.a. sealants) --  |t Oils versus butters --  |t Investigating Amazing Ingredients That Double as Supplements --  |t Vitamin E --  |t Biotin --  |t Vitamin B6 --  |t Selenium --  |t Avoiding the "Bad" Ingredients --  |t Sulfates --  |t Parabens --  |t Silicones --  |t Alcohols --  |t Fragrance --  |t Choosing Products That Work Best for Your Hair --  |t Shampoos --  |t Detangling conditioners --  |t Twisting creams --  |t Gels, mousses, and curl definers --  |t Edge control --  |t Conditioners and hair masks --  |t Oils --  |t Butters --  |t Heat protectants --  |t Turning Your Kitchen into a DIY Product Treasure Trove --  |g ch. 8  |t Selecting and Mastering Tools --  |t Brushes --  |t A brush to detangle, a brush to dry --  |t Felicia Leatherwood detailer brush --  |t Paddle brush --  |t Boar bristle brushes --  |t Getting to Know Your Combs --  |t Fine-tooth combs --  |t Wide-tooth combs --  |t Rat tail combs --  |t Hair picks --  |t Applying Heat --  |t Figuring out your flat iron --  |t Bringing up blow dryers --  |t Hunting for a hot comb --  |t Knowing what to look for in a curling iron or wand --  |g pt. 4  |t CREATING STYLES FOR YOUR NATURAL AND CURLY HAIR --  |g ch. 9  |t Styling Your Natural Hair --  |t Wearing a Wash-and-Go --  |t Braiding Your Hair --  |t Box braids --  |t Knotless braids --  |t Cornrows --  |t Crochet technique --  |t Goddess braids --  |t Twisting Your Hair --  |t Two-strand twists --  |t Senegalese twists --  |t Flat twists --  |t Rocking Your Locs --  |t Wearing Extensions and Wigs --  |t Clip-in extensions --  |t Sew-in extensions --  |t Wigs --  |t Coloring and Bleaching Natural and Curly Hair --  |t Getting Your Hair Cut --  |t Blowing Out Your Hair --  |g ch. 10  |t Quick and Easy Style Ideas --  |t Styling Your Braids --  |t Braided updos --  |t Crochet styles --  |t Sealing your braids --  |t Hot water --  |t A flat iron --  |t Glue --  |t Styling Options for Twists --  |t Twist outs --  |t Flat twist out --  |t Rocking Bantu Knots --  |t Shaping and Styling Afros --  |t Building a Bun --  |t Using Scarves and Turbans --  |t Basic wrap --  |t Turban wrap --  |g pt. 5  |t CONSIDERATIONS FOR KIDS --  |g ch. 11  |t Kiddie Curl Power --  |t Understanding Your Child's Natural and Curly Hair --  |t Thinking of Natural Hair as a Superpower --  |t Practicing Healthy Hair Habits from the Start --  |t Changes in curl type and texture --  |t Caring for your child's hair --  |t Styling your child's hair --  |t Advocating for Natural Hair --  |g ch. 12  |t Kid-Friendly Styles and Products --  |t Setting the Stage for Styling Success --  |t Detangling Before You Style --  |t Styling Ideas for Your Child --  |t Wash-and-go's --  |t Ponytails --  |t Twists and braids --  |t Afros and puffs --  |t Buns --  |t Mohawks --  |t Styling with Kid-Friendly Products --  |g pt. 6  |t THE PART OF TENS --  |g ch. 13  |t Ten Natural and Curly Hair Do's and Don'ts --  |t Do: Take Care of Your Scalp --  |t Don't: Skip or Rush Detangling --  |t Do: Steam Treat Your Curls --  |t Don't: Neglect Your Split Ends --  |t Do: Protect Your Hair at Night --  |t Don't: Heat Style Too Often --  |t Do: Deep Condition Regularly --  |t Don't: Over-Manipulate Your Curls --  |t Do: Take Care of All of You --  |t Don't: Skip or Delay Wash Day --  |g ch. 14  |t Ten Hairstyling Tips from Industry Experts --  |t Combat Hair Loss with Keratin Fibers --  |t Stop Double Conditioning --  |t Treat Your Twist Outs Well --  |t Use Leave-In Conditioner to Seal Your Hair's Cuticle --  |t Detangle Regularly --  |t Master the Wash-and-Go --  |t Add Extra Love to Your Protective Styles --  |t Hydrate, Trim, and Have Fun --  |t Use Steam to Improve Absorption --  |t Develop Your Diffusing Skills --  |g ch. 15  |t Ten Ways to Get Comfortable with Your Natural and Curly Hair --  |t Practice Self-Love --  |t Commit to the Long Game --  |t Dare to Not Compare --  |t Find a Good Hair Care Regimen --  |t Wear Your Hair Out --  |t Experiment with Extensions --  |t Take the No-Heat Challenge --  |t Expand Your Education --  |t Find a Feel-Good Community --  |t Pick Patience. 
650 0 |a Hair  |x Care and hygiene. 
650 0 |a Hairdressing of African Americans. 
655 7 |a Instructional and educational works.  |2 lcgft 
655 7 |a Handbooks and manuals.  |2 lcgft 
700 1 |a Hall, Tamron,  |e writer of foreword. 
830 0 |a --For dummies. 
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