Love poems in quarantine

Sarah Ruhl
Book - 2022

"A collection of poems written by Sarah Ruhl"--

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Main Author: Ruhl, Sarah, 1974- (Author)
Format: Book
Published: Port Townsend, Washington : Copper Canyon Press, [2022]


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245 1 0 |a Love poems in quarantine /  |c Sarah Ruhl. 
264 1 |a Port Townsend, Washington :  |b Copper Canyon Press,  |c [2022] 
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300 |a xvii, 163 pages ;  |c 20 cm 
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505 0 0 |g One. Early days of quarantine --  |t What are we folding when we are folding laundry in quarantine? --  |t Easter poem during plague time (because there is no fake grass to put in your baskets this year, but there is real grass instead) --  |t Menopause in quarantine --  |t On homesickness, back when we traveled --  |t Behold and be-held --  |t March --  |t The sun in quarantine --  |t Regeneration --  |t Poems and dreams are free --  |t To Max Ritvo, who once said to me: --  |t A spider in our bed --  |t Differences between me and my dog --  |t Poems are good company --  |t Three kinds of light --  |g Two. Poems written after May 25, the day George Floyd was murdered --  |t White backup singers, June 1 --  |t Fire sermon --  |t Separating the laundry, June 6 --  |t Weekapaug --  |t For Robyn Tamura --  |t Whiteness near the Fourth of July 2020 --  |t Prom, 1989 --  |t A white lady at a theater cocktail party --  |t Fires --  |t Mothers' Day --  |t An end to apartheid in America --  |g Three. Haiku, tanta and senryū in quarantine --  |g Spring --  |t Crossing --  |t Love poem to my husband, who fixed the Scotch tape dispenser today --  |t Poppy anemone --  |t Was my poetry party a super-spreader? --  |t Haiku written with my son in March --  |t When in doubt, count --  |t Nonessential workers --  |t Yard --  |t Sleeping very late --  |t When I was a child I loved to watch soap bubbles pop in the evening air --  |t "I lose socks in the" --  |t Teaching on Zoom --  |t For Kathleen --  |t Ambiguity of red --  |t What day is it? --  |t Koan --  |t Sisyphus --  |t For Elvis Costello, who said to me: --  |t "I will teach you how" --  |t Quarantine, day 20 --  |t "Look out your window:" --  |t Dog mind --  |t The woman who was bagging my groceries, when I asked how she was, said: --  |t A riddle, the answer: live theater --  |t Trio on Zoom --  |t I am running out of things to cook --  |t For my oldest daughter --  |t And that is enough for now --  |t "In the city I noticed" --  |t Swallow --  |t I read that people who groom more during quarantine are happier and it seems like a chicken-or-egg situation but my friend tells me about foot masks so I buy one --  |t "When will we ever" --  |t Midday, and the children come out of their rooms where they have been learning on screens --  |t Watching the food lines grow in New Jersey --  |t Quarantine, day 90 --  |t Remembered poem of a second grader named Patrick, Queens, twenty-five years ago --  |t Another reason dogs are wise --  |t The shortest story --  |t "How holy, that day" --  |t It used to be very impolite --  |g Summer --  |t On a Zoom call, watching my in-laws throw my father-in-law's ashes into the sea --  |t Remembering a time we could eat oysters together --  |t While I am on a work Zoom call, my son --  |t White people make bread while Black and Brown people die in America --  |t A negative test while the moon rises --  |t Birthday haiku for Uncle Joe written on Zoom --  |t This summer --  |t How white am I? --  |t My daughter asked me when she was three: --  |t On time zones --  |t "My dog rubbed herself" --  |t Love and mess --  |t Equal taste --  |t Coral --  |t Mediation, day 121 of quarantine --  |t Polish the stone or the mind --  |t Walking in the dark --  |t In Tibet it is said that when --  |t Watching the bird fly standing still --  |t Shelter --  |t Move your pants before the tide comes in --  |t Time decides --  |t For Anne's seventy-sixth birthday --  |t Sunset --  |t For Tony --  |t And today all that happened was --  |t Communion wafer in the night sky --  |t For Anne --  |t Night-blooming cereus --  |t On entitled Brooklyn parents --  |t For John Cage, who said: --  |t My dog tries to walk into our old house --  |t Lawn mowers and Bashō's grass pillow --  |t You ask me to look in your eyes, and the familiar and unfamiliar rhyme --  |t If a dead butterfly can still fly, what does that signify? --  |t Can sea cucumbers be instructive? --  |t My children are baking bread again --  |t It was not a day for singing --  |t Large waves and children --  |t Immortality through property --  |t On a walk I saw a snake, a rabbit, and a dead rat --  |t I am a messy cook and this annoys my husband who is an orderly cook --  |t I think about patience while I chop mushrooms --  |t To my children --  |t This morning --  |t Today --  |t What is a child's duty? --  |t Quarantine in August, the overripe month --  |g Fall --  |t Cause and effect --  |t Meditation, day 207 --  |t Your body, a temple --  |t Attempt at holding opposing truths in the mind --  |t "Don't store your anger" --  |t A photo from when I was sick --  |t Waiting for a storm --  |t A shuttered business --  |t "There is no cure for" --  |t Bell's palsy, ten years out --  |t "Could I live in the" --  |t Books as food --  |t Tomorrow and tomorrow and time zones --  |t An argument --  |t I wear your sweater for extra warmth --  |t Is God a who or a what when the world falls apart? --  |t "Do you have grief to spare?" --  |t Books don't spread germs --  |t Block island --  |t Election day is windy in Rhode Island and the weather report says that --  |t "I thought it was a mist..." --  |t Alchemy --  |t "I was a child of" --  |t Hungry ghosts --  |g Winter --  |t As the days get shorter and shorter --  |t Today I learned that in kindergarten, a boy named --  |t "My first love came with" --  |t Snowstorm --  |t Again, snow --  |t Still life --  |t When I see you again --  |t "Computers can be" --  |t "The moon rises just" --  |t I made two false assumptions looking at a red cardinal --  |t Tanka, January 6 --  |t Boiling water isn't mad at the tea --  |t "This field. This snow. This" --  |t "Are you studying" --  |t Mediating outdoors --  |t Playing card games with others --  |t Meditation, January 18 --  |t Meditation, January 19 --  |t Nap --  |t Late afternoon --  |t Lesson from quarantine --  |t Upon walking --  |t Winter in Illinois --  |t A person can be pedantic about anything --  |t Counting the stars is impossible --  |t I'm scared of the desk today, so --  |t "The doors don't quite shut" --  |t And I was so happy --  |t "Why is my gaze so" --  |t Passage from one yard to another --  |t And all the frozen snow melted today --  |t I don't know anything about time --  |g Spring again --  |t And after all that --  |t A year since quarantine began --  |t "I am lucky: when" --  |t What of my eyes and their infallibility? --  |t "I no longer know" --  |t "There are things I must" --  |t "Instead of writing," --  |t My glasses sit on the rug --  |t Scrolling upon waking up --  |t I have brought my dog with me. Why? --  |t What is the holy name, you or the Lord? --  |t After the long winter --  |t "My dog writes for me" --  |t Freedom --  |t Horse racing --  |t The volunteers at the senior center vaccine parking lot,  |t Six months without a barber and --  |t Equinox --  |t Seeing or showing --  |t Noon --  |t After all, it is irrational to be afraid of mold, which will come unless you eat the fruit --  |t Walking in a spring rain --  |t As in chess and other games... --  |t For three years I --  |t Sometimes God is when strangers touch --  |t Needs --  |t Changing the locks --  |t When my daughter heard the story of Oedipus --  |t "My dog sits zazen" --  |t I will try to --  |t There is a house somewhere --  |t I read somewhere that your cuts heal faster when you are in love and today --  |t "I want to be a" --  |t Morning dove --  |t Talking things over, we looked up and saw --  |t I, on top of you, looking at your face, and --  |t In the place where you were born --  |t Another storm --  |t "The window is shut" --  |t I learned that quarantine meant 40 days and now it's day 400 --  |t "What the earth does well" --  |t Poem catching --  |t "Where is the birdcall?" 
520 |a "A collection of poems written by Sarah Ruhl"--  |c Provided by publisher. 
520 |a "An award-winning, multi-genre writer grapples with the pandemic, death of George Floyd, and other crises of our times in gnomic poems written from inside the purgatory (and sudden revelations) of quarantine." 
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